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"Sport hotel": For businessmen, and not only


  Valery Domovnikov:
- "Sport hotel" has begun the work in April of 2006, to the beginning of the Russian-German summit. It became the original test for durability for absolutely young team - employees were employed 1-2 weeks prior to arrival of visitors.

Less than for a year of work of "Sport hotel" at us members of delegation of the Japanese business club, participants of the conferences spent in scientific research institute of cardiology from the Russian Academy of Medical Science, the creative collectives coming to our city (group "Masskva", "Aria", VIA «Sigaja a bird», Julia Chicherinoj's group, participants of art group «Chorus Turkish», singer Ingrid stopped...), participants of annual international congress CITOGIC-2006, conference «Siberian I-forum 2006», the international conference «Development of communications between universities and the industry in the field of a transfer of technologies», sportsmen... As you can see, to speak about our services it is not necessary: direct dependence between events a life of our city as a whole and development of hotel business is obvious.

Regional branch of the Russian hotel association (RHA) - one more acknowledgement to that hotel business in our city grows. "Sport hotel" - member RHA since 2006. Hotels of Tomsk and area, of course, receive from Association legal, economic, information support, but it, as it is known, never happens much...

- whether has value for city visitors so-called "geographical" aspect - a hotel site?

Valentina Bassargina:
- it is doubtless. People predictedly try to lodge in a context of an eternal time trouble of a business trip in the hotel located more close to   works on business trip. "Sport hotel" is in a city business centre, on one of the largest streets - Krasnoarmejsky, there is a convenient traffic intersection, nearby stations, the airport, it is possible to reach high schools on foot for 10-15 minutes, nearby - scientific research institute of Cardiology of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, shopping centres, restaurants, sports and entertaining complexes, night clubs.

- your visitor is...

Valery Domovnikov:
... Basically, so-called «the business tourist», appreciating comfort and convenience and ready for it to pay, the person for whom the good hardware of number and hotel as a whole is important. At each hotel really "niche". Among our constant partners - representatives of the enterprises of oil and gas branch. We aspire to the further expansion of cooperation with Tomsk firms, after all work on treaty obligations is the guaranteed fillability of hotel. We do not struggle for the client, we simply work for this purpose and so that our visitors came back to us again and again. That our hotel is chosen also by foreigners, - too an indicator, "quality symbol" of our work.

- In plans of the Tomsk authorities to make Tomsk a city-forum. It forms new understanding of that there is a high-class hotel...  

Valery Domovnikov:
- Such concept of a development of the city creates a healthy competition in the market of hotel services, and the competition is always sports interest and advance. In due course presence in hotels, besides comfortable numbers, the modern business centre well equipped congress of a hall, a room of negotiations became an original rule of a good form. And "Sport hotel" is a rule observes!
we understand, speed and mobility is how much important for city visitors. Therefore we plan to enter for convenience of our clients additional service - the transfer is a convenient comfortable minibus which will meet and see off visitors from points of destination and to serve them on business trips on a city.

  Valentina Bassargina:
- One of stages of development of hotel business is a classification of hotels. "Stars" speak about much: the hotel category defines its prestige, structure of clientele and the price for services. The general estimation develops of set of criteria. They concern not only obligatory services, but also qualification of the personnel, quality of service in cafe or restaurant, volume of given household conveniences, number "stuffing"... "Sport hotel" plans to pass classification in this summer. As you can see, ahead it is a lot of work, work interesting and bringing satisfaction when our visitors speak simply "thanks" and... Again come back to us!

Svetlana Saveleva