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"Sport hotel": Being guided on "stars"


On October, 12th, 2007 procedure of classification of first two hotels of Tomsk has come to the end. In solemn conditions, in the presence of the Moscow visitors from the Russian hotel association (RHA) in a small hall of administration of the Tomsk region certificates and attributes, a category of three stars have been handed over, to hotels "October" and "Sport hotel". The new system of classification of hotels and other means of placing is approved by the government of the Russian Federation and confirmed Federal agents on tourism (Rosturizm), successfully operates in territory of Russian Federatsiii since July, 2005

Decision on assignment of "stars" to placing means is accepted by real professionals from the hospitality industry, - Valery Domovnikov, the director of Open Company "Hotel-sports" tells. - the Commission of experts of Federal agency on tourism in the name of expert Yefimov Vladimir Ivanovicha spent a hotel assessment of works to three stages:

  • 1 stage - the tentative estimation on conformity of means of placing to three stars was spent;  
  • 2 stage - it the estimation on system of the points, spent with the assistance of a commission of experts on which basis the report is made and is counted up quantity of the typed points;
  • 3 stage - on the basis of reports of a commission of experts Federal agency on tourism under the direction of . O.Shengelija the decision on assignment to us has passed of three stars.

All procedure of classification has occupied practically year.

- whether the state classification Has changed hotel "Sport hotel"?  

- Classification, how many preparation for it is Not so much. The number fund has undergone qualitative changes: three-local numbers are replaced with one - double, as well as it is necessary on a category of three stars. Work on a conference hall additional equipment is spent — the glass dome is equipped by electro-operated jalousie «the Solar board» that allows to regulate light exposure at holding conferences. That is, having kept architectural feature of hotel, we have given the chance to our clients to spend business actions in more comfortable conditions. Additional paid service - a transfer is entered: it is a convenient minibus which meets and sees off visitors from points of destination and serves them on business trips on a city.

For an operating time there was an amicable, qualified collective supporting the work.

In plans for the next year the equipment of all number fund system of electronic locks where instead of keys magnetic cards will be used. Already work on granting of possibility of room reservation through network INTERNET, in a mode of real time is now conducted.

- as Distinctive feature of hotel "Sport hotel" consider good kitchen...

- It is no wonder, after all our partner is the tavern «Eternal call»,   headed by the real professional - Lyudmila Ivanovnoj Burkov.« Name »a tavern for a long time and strongly. with the present« a taste kingdom ». The command « Eternal call »has confirmed once again the skill, becoming the winner of September regional competition of culinary specialists - a taste-2007 Kingdom» which sponsor we were. Action has united more than 120 participants from 32 enterprises of a food and profile educational institutions of different cities. And professionalism of the competing was estimated by representatives of educational institutions of Moscow and Krasnoyarsk, eminent technologists, cooks and confectioners of Tomsk and Novosibirsk. Now the cafe in hotel "Sport hotel" works a mode «to last client», that is gives a breakfast, a dinner and a supper. By the way, not only the magnificent kitchen, but also a fine kind from the eighth floor to evening Tomsk will not be forgotten to clients of hotel for a long time.

- the State classification in Russia is voluntary. However «the star list» hotels stably replenishes.

- And on it there are reasons. The market of hotel services develops — in natural struggle for the client. And now many people have gained wide experience of travel, became in an amicable way more critical and is frequent at a hotel choice are guided on "stars". It is no wonder, after all the visitor of "star" hotel authentically knows, for what he pays the money. He is reliably insured from unexpectedness in the form of poor-quality service. Because as the guarantor under this "insurance" the state acts. In "star" hotel recently lived next "stars": the collective of theatre of Oleg Menshikov, arrived to our city with performance "Players", stopped at us.

- acquaintance to achievements of colleagues, possibility of an exchange positively affects development of hotel branch as a whole also experience.

Only for last year within the limits of activity of the Russian hotel association we have visited at the All-Russia forum «the Russian hospitality» Nizhni Novgorod, at conference «Hotel business: experience, problems, prospects» in Yalta. Action has united from different cities of Russia and Ukraine. Signing of the contract on cooperation between became the worthy ending of conference. Association of hotels   hotel associations of cities of Ukraine and the Russian hotel association), on 10 anniversary RHA in Moscow, at a specialised exhibition-fair for requirements of hotels and restaurants, public catering HORESCA-2007 for Holland. (For the first time HORESCA has been organised in I960 to year, since then the exhibition is spent annually and opened only for professionals. More than 330 companies have presented at an exhibition the equipment, furniture and accessories for hotels and restaurants. The goods presented at an exhibition, strictly correspond to last requirements of the market.)

  It is far not the full list of actions. To take in their part — means, to be well informed about all novelties of hotel business. I think, best of them will soon find reflexion in work Tomsk hotels.

Svetlana Savelyeva